There are so many ways to extend birthday wishes to friends and loved ones on their special day. We hope this website will be your one stop shop to finding those greetings using quotes, phrases, special messages, blessings, verses, poems, etc. to share in their celebration.


Below are different ways to share your happiness for the special person. Feel free to use the information we have provided in a card or for a speech, or whatever you feel they would be most helpful to you. Sometimes finding the perfect words is difficult, and we know that. Sometimes finding that perfect quote may be the answer you are looking for. Good luck in finding that perfect saying!


Sending birthday wishes to an amazing friend. Hoping this year is even better than the last!

A glorious birthday for a wonderful and passionate friend. Hoping your birthday is as full of passion as you!

A birthday to be thankful for!  Wishing you many more birthdays and thankful wishes to come.

How can someone celebrate a birthday with everything that you deserve! There is no celebration worthy of everything you deserve!

I love a good party and I know the best date and person to party with! Excited to celebrate with you!

Sending birthday love your way with hopes of many hugs and kisses along the way!

Another year another birthday, another fun and exciting party to celebrate with my best friend.

A birthday wish for a birthday love. Can't wait celebrate this joyous moment with you!


Birthday Quotes

Find different ways to send best wishes to your family and friends through wishes, messages, verses, phrases, greeting and sayings. Adding a quote to a card or letter along with your birthday wishes is always a nice touch. We hope you find an unique and special way of sharing your message of a happy birthday to your loved ones or special friends.  And if its a generic message to an acquaintance, we can help there too! 


Birthday Poems

Poems are a great way to express yourself using creative wording and added thoughts and wishes. You can use one already written by an author or create your own? Find the perfect birthday poem here and even get tips on how to write your own poem. 


Birthday Parties

Oh how there are so many things to do when planning a birthday party. Well we are here to help! Here you will find ideas for planning, games, invitations, pictures, themes and supply lists to get you started.  Party planning should be fun, not a hassel.  So don't let it be and find different ways to make party planning fun!


Birthday Cards

Who says the perfect birthday card comes from a store? Learn how to make your own birthday card and find some sayings to use as well. Some of the best cards are those created with love.  Whether it be from a child right up to an adult, making your own cards can be fun, memorable and can be personalized to someone special and worthly of the time you will put into this!


Birthday Songs

Here you will find songs that would be great for a play list for a birthday party.  There are so many birthday songs in this world, let us give you some examples and options so your party play list is not only personalized to the guest of honour but also fun and dance worthly!

Birthday Gift Ideas

Find the right gift for a specific person isn't always the easies thing to do in this world.  Let us help give you some direction and ideas on how to make someones special day even more special.  It may be something they have always dreamed of, something made spcifically for them, or maybe even something to remind them of a special day or time in their life.  Whatever it is, we are hear to help!

There is no birthday that can be as sweet as you are but we can always try!

Birthdays are either a great love once a year or a once a year tramatic event!  Choose to make it a yearly great love!

The best way to send birthday wishes is by spending the time to think of a personal message that explains exactly how much you love and appreciate the birthday guest of honor.

I care about you and wish you a wonerfully unique birthday surprise!

Special doesn't begin to expain all that you deserve for your upcoming birthday!

There is no better thing I'd rather do than celebrate your birthday with you.

~ New ~

Happy Birthday My Love

Looking for ways to send birthday love to someone special.  Look no further, we have many options and ways to send those loving wishes.

Happy Birthday Blessings

Find helpful suggestions are ways to send good blessings to someone special on their birthday.
Everyone likes to send good wishes to others on birthdays, but make it even more special by sending a blessing for a great year ahead.

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"I love birthdays, mostly when they are someone elses!"

Julie Hebert


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