18 Birthday Cards

When it comes to picking out cards there really is a lot of different options to choose from.  Many stores now a days have great pre-printed cards conveniently for you, but there are many other ways to send your birthday wishes. We are going to give you some birthday card ideas and alternatives for the many times within a year you will be in need of them.



  1. Making your own card is the best way to personalize the perfect card for a friend or family member.  Its the thought that counts, right? And thoughts always count more, when though and work goes into something. If creating a card on your own sounds like fun, there are many options you can choose from to make it uniquely yours.  There are many types of computer software out there that can help you with the format of your cards and also with the layout but depending on how creative you want to be these programs may limit your creativity.  But keep in mind, computer software's that are designed specifically for creating cards and invitations should have lots of options for you to play around with.

  • The first step in creating a card is to determine the size and paper type you would like your card.  Using a basic word processor you should have access to changing the paper size by changing to half a page or a quarter of a page and then when you print it you would just fold it to the proper size.  When choosing a paper type, its best to buy a thicker paper than regular printer paper.  This will give it a more real card feel. 

  • Next you need to decorate it with some art work or pictures.  This should all be able to do done with your word processor, just insert and Volia!  Your birthday card is decorated.  It may even be funny if you could find a hilarious picture of the celebrating individual to put on the front of the card!  There may be a funny story behind it that will create a memory when the celebrator first sees your creation!  

  • The most important part of the card will be the message.  At this point you can write your own or get some help from the wonderful authors out there.  You can search for a quote or saying, maybe a nice poem that depicts the recipient in some way.  There are also some nice phrases, verses, wishes and greetings that you could use as part of your message.  Whatever you decide, make sure it relates to the person you are giving it to.

  • Print it, fold it and put it into the envelope and your done!  We hope this information on making your own cards was helpful and informative.  Celebration cards no longer have to have no meaning!  Have fun!

  1. Send an eCard which is an electronic card sent free through many different websites on the internet.  On your Google search bar type in 'free birthday ecards', choose a website and select away!  You will have many different options.  And if you don't like the options on your chosen website, go back and choose a different website.  The ecard will be sent directly to the birthday boy/girl immediately after filling out all the birthday card.

  2. Send a Singing Telegram. This is definitely a bold move and a comical one too!  Pay to have someone sing your birthday wishes to the lucky celebrating person. Search google for a company near you.

  3. Make them a Talking Treat. Using cookie cutters, create a birthday message out of cookies, fruit, chocolate or any type of food that can be cut or molded into letters. Deliver to their home or work place on their special day!

  4. Sending wishes by calling them on the Telephone on their special day is probably the simpliest thing any person can do to show them they are thought about. In this day and age we don't pick up the phone enough! So surprise them, with a phone call! Nothing subsitutes a phone call from a loved one!

  5. Text them a special birthday message.  You also have the option to attach a sticker, gif or emoji to make your wishes that much more special.

  6. One of my favourite ways to spread birthday cheer is to surprise them by knocking on their door first thing in the morning. Be their first guest of the day. I don't recommend going before their usual waking time.  No one likes to be woken up early on their birthday!

  7. Throwing them a Surprise Party is an awesome way to wish them a happy birthday. Either have all their friends show up at the same time at the guest of honors home or bring the birthday boy/girl to a place where all their friends and family are waiting.

  8. Use Sidewalk Chalk first thing in the morning before they usally wake up to write a birthday message in their driveway or on the sidewalk in front of their house. You can do this quickly and simply but if you have time this could be a extravagant sidewalk art piece!

  9. My kids loved it one year when their grandmother send them an envelope with five dollars inside and a small note explaining she'd rather they have the Money instead of wasting it on a birthday card. You could even get creative and use small change stuck to paper put in the shape of 'Happy Birthday'.

  10. Write them a Poem that says how wonderful they are. This could be done in many ways and can be framed and given or verbally recited.

  11. Create a Lip Sinc Video of a birthday song. We did this one year with my kids to their grandfather.  My kids loved it. Picked a song their grandfather knew and loved and videoed them singing it. It was awesome!

  12. Create a Coupon Booklet with lots of helpful coupons.  Here are some options: free house cleaning, free babysitting, free homemade meal, free car wash, free hug, free dessert, etc.  There are so many ways you can go about this. Its an interesting way to subside the card and include a gift.

  13. Send a Postcard. They are cheaper to buy and send plus you can write your own birthday message.

  14. Create a birthday Bookmark or Magnet in lieu of a card. Bookmarks can be made using a cardstock and a laminator. Magnets can be made using the same method as bookmarks except you'll need to add a magnet to the back!

  15. Send a Picture with a happy birthday message written on the back or if you are able to write on the front with the help of a computer or a picture safe marker it could be done on the front. This could be a very personal way to send your birthday wishes.

  16. Use Gift Tags or Gift Tag Stickers to put on gifts verses a birthday card.  This not only saves money but waste as well.

  17. Books have been used instead of cards as well in my family. This is especially nice if the book sent has some sentimental value.  On the inside cover a small message can be written. I still have some of my childhood books my parents and grandparents had given me and now my children are also benefiting from this. I have none of the birthday cards that were sent!

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