4 Birthday Gift Ideas



If you're having trouble choosing a gift for someone special, than maybe buying a gift isn't always the answer.  Presents can come in so many different ways and sometimes the best present is the one that was creatively produced.  I'm not talking about what we did as children like finger paintings, construction paper flowers or drawing a picture.  I'm talking about creating something especially for the recipient that would mean so much more than a commercial gift.  Of course, if you are making a gift especially for someone, you won't find the exact answer to you question here of what should I make.  But I can give you some ideas that may blossom into something even better.  Oh who knows, maybe the perfect gift will be listed here for you.  Here are some great suggestions:


  1. Find a picture of you and the birthday girl/boy and frame it.  To make it even more personal and creative, you can mat it first and then use scrap booking ideas to personalize it.  Put you're names, maybe best friends or sisters (whatever the situation may be), the year this was taken, a special message.  You can decorate it with balloons or flowers or anything special to you and this person.

  2. Jar filled with favourite treat.  This one is great for anyone but especially kids.  Get a mason jar and print off some labels (using clear labels is best) with special messages pertaining to the treat you will be filling the jars with.  For example.  If you are filling it with Hershey Kisses the label can read: "Hugs & Kisses for _______" (Mom, Nanny, Chris, etc.)  If you are filling with the recipients favourite nuts the label could read: "I'm Nuts For _______" (Dad, Grampy, etc.) And so on.  There are many different ways of creating this jar and its personal and gives them a nice treat.  Plus is a great inexpensive gift!

  3. Another great idea that you can personalize is many photo centers now a days have options to put your pictures on items such as mugs, candles, coasters, mouse pads, t-shirts, bags, blankets, etc.  You could find a favourite picture and have it put on an item that they will be able to use on a daily basis.  What a great way to make sure your gift is seen and remembered.

  4. Making them a coupon book with things you will do for them as their present is always a nice thing to do.  Some ideas of things you could make a coupon for are: Making them supper or baking them their favourite dessert.  A day of babysitting if they have children.  Cleaning their house.  Mowing their lawn or shoveling their driveway depending on the season.  A night out on the town or out to a movie, etc.  If it is for a child, then it can be more childlike things like and ice cream cone, a day at the park, etc.  And if its for a significant other, well I'll leave that up to your imagination!


Deciding on the perfect birthday gift ideas can be hard work.  Especially if itís for someone who has everything, goes out and buys whatever they want right away or if itís for someone who is more of a distant family member or colleague.  So what do you do?  Well, we have compiled some birthday present ideas to help you out!  Take a look at some of these pages birthday ideas for the man or woman in your life, last minute gift ideas, present ideas for just about anyone and how to show that someone special your romantic side!!



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We hope that you find the perfect gift for that celebrating someone.   And if all else fails, ask around.  Family, friends or even co-workers have probably heard the celebrator talking about an interest or something theyíd love to have or do one day.  Youíd be surprised at what people know.  Take the time to talk to the celebrator and really listen to what they are saying.  You may find some clues there too!


Good luck in your search.  We just hope that you have found some great gift ideas.  I hope they like it as much as you think they will.  Donít forget to get a card too!  Thatís a great way to write your birthday wishes.  You may even find a birthday quotes that will nice too.  Good luck!