42 Birthday Greetings

Once you have selected the perfect card either by purchasing it or creating one on your own, birthday greetings is the next step. Selecting the proper greeting is almost as important as selecting a gift. It has to relate to the receiver and should say something celebrating the birthday individual. We have complied some greetings written by Julie Hebert you can use for birthday wishes, quotes to help you make your selection.

Happy Birthday...

  1. May this year be your best year ever.

  2. May all your dreams come true.

  3. May this day be one to remember.

  4. Enjoy your special day, cause tomorrow you will just be another day older.

  5. Enjoy, sit back and relax. Today is your day!

  6. Becoming one year older is time for celebrating, not hiding. Embrace your age, its given you the time to become everything you are.

  7. To another year of laughs, fun and great experiences!

  8. Today your one year older but like wine, you grow better with the years!

  9.  Time to Party!

  10.  May this birthday be your happiest!

  11.  Hope this birthday is filled with the excitement , joy and laughter.

  12.  On this special day you should do all the things you wanted to do.

  13.  Hope you get everything you deserve!

  14.  Wishing you a better year ahead.

  15.  May this year be filled with friends, family, laughter and love.

  16.  From today on you may be one year older, but you also one year wiser.

  17.  Today is your day. The day everyone waits on you and you don't feel an ounce of guilt!

  18.  Wishing you a very happy birthday!

  19.  Hope this birthday is your best ever!

  20.  We hope your birthday is filled with all the things you love.

  21.  Birthdays come and go, but the celebration lasts a full year!

  22.  Be all that you can be today, as its your day to do whatever you want.

  23. Cry if you want to on this birthday, but we hope you will just do a whole lot of laughing!

  24.  On your birthday, you get to do only the things you want. No cleaning, cooking or working, only relaxing, laughing and enjoying your family and friends.

  25.  Birthdays are always full of greetings from many different people in your life. I just hope that ours is as special as all the others. Happy Birthday to one of the great ones!

  26.  Why not do your favourite thing today? It is your birthday after all and you should only do things that make you smile.

  27.  Celebrate, do something zany. Who cares if its crazy, its your day to be a little crazy!

  28.  Wear your snazziest clothes and celebrate the night away with all your family and friends near by.

  29.  We hope you were surprised and are ready to celebrate. Today is a wonderful day, one that makes you great.

  30.  Let this birthday be the best that you seen in a long time.

  31.  Birthdays are for fun and enjoyment and lots of big smiles.

  32. May this birthday be better than any other birthday you've had in the past.

  33.  We hope you get all things you have dreamed of over the past year and that this year you get them all!

  34.  We have decoration, ribbons and lots of friends to celebrate this wonderful year that is your birthday.

  35.  Eat come cake and take in all the decorations. If you want have a drink and don't forget to celebrate!

  36.  May you smile so much today that your cheeks hurt!

  37.  May all the days following today make you as happy as you are right at this moment.

  38.  Take comfort knowing that today on your birthday, you have many people thinking about you!

  39.  Birthdays should be a time of joy and fun, make sure you allow the same to happen today!

  40.  Today is the day where all your family and friends stop to wish you a happy birthday. Are you feeling special? Its because you are.

  41.  Its only once a year we get to celebrate the day we were born and the number of years we've added. So make this birthday be everything it should be.

  42. Milestones are just like every other birthday, except for the fact that you've made it to a number that is very special. Its probably because you are very special yourself.

As you can see there are many options of birthday greetings you can use. Feel free to take from here or use these to help you create the special greeting on your own. Sometimes all you need is inspiration. We hope you have found exactly what you were looking for.

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