37 Birthday Party Supplies

Planning a birthday party requires lots of birthday party supplies!  Having a checklist of what you will need for your birthday party isnít such a bad idea.  You will find that having a list like that may make things a lot easier and keep you more organized during the planning process.  You can create your own by just sitting down and thinking about what you will need or you can use the one we have provided for you by just adding some more personal items that only apply to your party.


Birthday Party Checklist:


3 weeks before:

  1. Pick a date for the party

  2. Create a guest list

  3. Decide on a theme

  4. Book entertainment

  5. Send invitations (if mailing)

2 weeks before:

  1. Send invitations (if emailing)

  2. Decide on party games and activities

  3. Decide on menu

  4. Purchase party supplies

    1. Banners

    2. Balloons

    3. Plates

    4. Utensils

    5. Table clothes (plastic is best for kids party)

    6. Party favors

    7. Candles for the cake

    8. Any items needed for party games

1 week before:

  1. Order cake

  2. Order flowers (if needed)

  3. Do any heavy cleaning

  4. Get guest list in order, call any guests that havenít RSVPíd

2 days before:

  1. Clean party area

  2. Purchase groceries needed

  3. Select songs for music list

  4. Prepare party favors

1 day before:

  1. Prepare any food that can be refrigerated overnight

  2. Start decorating for the party

  3. Get camera and camcorder ready (donít forget to charge or buy batteries)

  4. Childproof party area

Day of the party:

  1. Finish any last minute decorating

  2. Pick up cake

  3. Pick up any perishable foods

  4. Pick up ice

  5. Pick up helium balloons

  6. Set up party games

  7. Put out finger foods

  8. Smile, youíre done!

We hope you find this checklist as helpful as we do every time we plan a birthday party.  Always keep in mind that planning a party can be a stressful task.  Do what you can and if something doesnít get done, donít stress, no one other than you will notice.  Also, try and delicate if you have willing people around you to assist you.


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