34 Birthday Party Themes


There are many different birthday party themes to choose from.  You may just need a list of different themes to give you examples to help you choose.  We have compiled a list of themes for assist you.  Feel free to sift through these to see if one pops out at you.  The most important part of picking a theme will be to pick something that the guest of honor will enjoy.


Themes for Toddlers:

  1. Babyís 1st Birthday Party

  2. Teddy Bears

  3. Rubber Ducky

  4. Farm Animals

  5. Baby Cartoon Character

  6. Insects

  7. Clowns

  8. Play Date

  9. Family

Themes for Children:

  1. Cowboy

  2. Cartoon Character(s)

  3. Dinosaur

  4. Pirate

  5. Princess

  6. Unicornís

  7. Barbie

  8. Circus

  9. Magic

Themes for Teenagers:
  1. Hawaiian

  2. Sports

  3. Tropical or Pool Party

  4. Surfing

  5. Cars

  6. Sweet 16

  7. Dance Fever Disco Night

  8. Sleepover

Themes for Adults:
  1. Casino

  2. Karaoke

  3. 21st, 30th, 40th, etc.

  4. Spa

  5. Extreme Sports

  6. Dinner Theater

  7. Campout

  8. Drinking/Pub Crawl


If all else fails, taking the guest of honors hobbies or likes into consideration may be something that could be used as a theme.  Donít under estimate anything. If youíre creative enough, you should be able to create a theme that will have all the guests sending their wishes, quotes and poems the same way.


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