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When we are at a birthday party everyone wants to get birthday pictures.  Pictures of the guest of honor are number one of everyone’s list.  But there are other pictures you will want to get so you can put together an album and see how the wonderful day played out.


If you are interested in creating an album of the day, you will not want to forget any pictures.  Having a list of pictures to take during the party will help you not forget any.  You can make this list up yourself writing down pictures you don’t want to forget or you can use the one we have put together for you and add to it names of family members or friends that you want to get pictures of.


Photos of…

  1. The decorations before guests arrive

  2. The guest of honor standing in from of some decorations. (ie. the birthday banner in back and balloons beside or being held.)

  3. Decorative food created specifically for the party

  4. Guests as they arrive

  5. The guest of honor as he/she arrives or is awaiting friends

  6. Guests giving their birthday wishes to the b-day person

  7. Guests and celebrator mingling or playing together

  8. Pictures of the games being played

  9. Picture of the winners

  10. Group picture of all who attending the party

  11. Cake before being cut

  12. Birthday boy or girl blowing out the candles

  13. Guest of honor cutting cake

  14. Cake being given out

  15. Guests eating cake

  16. Guest of honor eating cake

  17. Birthday boy/girl opening presents

  18. Family and friends with guest of honor. Make a list and have it available at the party.

  19. Grab bags before given out to guest upon dismissal

  20. Guest of honor thanking guests (if speech is given, pics of that too)

  21. Celebrator saying goodbye to guests.

Below you will find some examples of pictures taken at several different birthday parties. All pictures are property of www.birthdaywishesquotes4u.com.  All rights reserved.   


This picture was taken of the appetizers created for a Ninja birthday party where we used licorice in lieu of noodles and created sushi using rice krispies, fruit roll ups and gummy candies.



The above picture is of a craft we did at our Ninja party.  We made origami throwing stars.  Allowed the children to decorate using markers and stickers and then used them in a game.



Here's a cake picture.  We made this cake for a mermaid birthday party!  We got many different views of this cake. 



This picture is of a Shopkins birthday party.  You'll see some decorations, snack boxes and grab boxes create for this fun and eventful party.



Our Monster birthday party had a ton of fun monster food!  That is what you'll find in this picture. Taking a picture of each food separately would as well be a good idea.  Especially the cake!



Our monster grab bags and pinata were photographed before activities began.  Unfortunately the pinata didn't make it out of the party! Many pictures were taken of each child destroying this poor little monster!



This princess dress cupcake cake took a lot of planning and time to prepare, so there was no doubt that it would have many pictures taken of it. It was one to remember!



Our sun room was turned into a beautiful princess tea party with real tea cups, flowers and lots of yummy appetizers for the guests.



A great picture for 1st birthdays is to allow your one year old to play with the balloon stating their age. I do this with every age, always getting a picture of the birthday girl or boy with their numbered balloon.



Its always nice to get a picture of the setting before the kids come and mess it all up!  Especially when they are very little.



An overall picture of the play area of this birthday party help to tell a picture of what went on at this two year old birthday party.



So much fun happens at birthday parties, make sure you capture those memories as often as you are able to.



Quotes About Birthday Parties:


Depending on the type of party and what is planned you will want to also add in pictures of entertainment, toasts, guests and celebrator playing games, of course only if they are applicable.  Anything planned especially for the party should have pictures taken too.


We hope this information on taking pictures at a birthday party has been helpful in showing you what pictures should be taken if you want to create a play by play album of the party.  An album is such a nice way to look back and remember a great day!  Don’t forget when creating your album to add in some quotes or wishes from the guests at the party or even a birthday poem or birthday saying.  If someone gave a toast or read out a poem made specifically for the guest of honor, make sure that is added in too!


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