Birthday Presents


Depending on the price you want to pay, there are many different birthday presents out there.  Having some sort of idea what the birthday boy or girl likes and their interests will definitely make things easier for you to choose something.  But if you donít, here are some generic birthday presents that can be given to just about any adult.



DVD or Blu-ray movie
Gift card
Movie Tickets
Picture Frame
Books or Magazines
Fruit Basket
Piece of Art
Hat or Mittens
Beer or Wine Glasses
Unique Kitchen Accessories
Perfume or Cologne
Portable Massage Seat
Portable Heating Seat
Electric Blanket
Now of course not all of these items are going to be hit for everyone.  You will have to judge the personís personality a little to decide whether one of these items is a good fit.  If you know the person pretty well and have some knowledge of what they own you can also get them:
Video Game
Gaming Accessories
Computer Accessories
Sheets or Blankets
Old Record
Sports Equipment

If you are looking for an extravagant gift, why not plan a night on the town or a weekend away.  Something fun and relaxing would be a great gift.
So whatever gift you feel is perfect for the celebrating individual, keep in mind itís the thought that counts.  Sending your birthday wishes is more than enough, but having a gift, doesnít hurt!!  Keep in mind that poems, quotes and verses are always a nice addition to any card or birthday letter.

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