Birthday Toasts

Did you ever have to write your own birthday toasts?  Not an easy task is it?  We know its not easy to come up with a birthday toast or even write a speech.  So we've put together some tips and steps to help you not only get it written but also say it to the birthday individual at the party.


Here are some helpful hints to help you write the perfect birthday toast and express your congratulations for the birthday individual:


  1. Start off with an introduction of yourself and how you know the birthday person.

  2. Mention what a great party this has been and you can only expect it to get better as the night goes on.

  3. You could share a special or funny memory you remember of your time together with the birthday boy or girl.

  4. You could always tell a joke if you are a comedian but make sure it is respectful, remember this is their day, not yours.

  5. A quote of a poem could always be read on their behalf.

  6. End the toast on a cheerful note by saying congratulations or wishing them well.

  7. If you have a glass and you want to cheer to the celebrating individual this would be the time.

Toast Etiquette Tips:


We hope you have found this informative.  If you are still in search of some ideas for your toast or speech, using birthday wishes, quotes, sayings, poems, greetings or even messages may be helpful.  Take a look and we hope in the end you will be happy with what you created. 

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