30 Happy Birthday Wishes

So you're in the search for some happy birthday wishes, you've come to the right place! Birthday wishes wants to help you in your search. So we've compiled some samples of birthday wishes written by Julie Hebert for you to view. You can use them in so many different uses. If you decide to make your own birthday card or write a birthday toast, birthday wishes could be the help you are looking for.


  1. Wishing you a very happy birthday. May all your wildest wishes come true!

Happy Birthday Sayings

  1. Blow those candles out so all your wishes can come true. Then we can party!

  2. Here is a verse I've been working on to tell you how much I care, just the mere though of you is all that sometimes I can bare.

Birthday Verses

  1. All the best in your years to come.

  2. You have always been like a brother to me, and on this day I wish to extend brotherly birthday wishes.

Birthday Sayings For Brother

  1. Wishing you lots of fun and excitement that only birthdays can create. So get moving to have a fabulous day!

  2. Sending you a frendly Happy Birthday greeting on one of the most happiest days of our lives. The day you were born was such a joyous occasion we couldn't let it pass you by without sending our wishes along.

Birthday Greetings

  1. Happy birthday and wishing you many more to come and many more fun days like today.

  2. Wishing you many more great and happy years ahead. Try and not waste a single second of each minutes.

Happy Birthday Blessings

  1. Hello my birthday friend, and a sweet happy birthday to you and wishing you a wonderful birthday filled with joyful fun!

  2. I've never realized how hard it is to write a birthday message until I sat down to write yours. But then I realized, you know I'm not a man of many words so here it is, Happy Birthday love.

What To Write In A Birthday Card

  1. Wishing you only the very best on your birthday. Blow out those candles and see if your wish comes true!

  2. I wish I could give you everything you deserve for your birthday, sing you a song, write you a rhyme or find the perfect gift. But then I remembered all you want is to be loved, and that is exactly what you are.

Birthday Rhymes

  1. There is a saying that says those who have the most in life live the longest, and you have many birthdays under your belt. Why not one more!

Birthday Sayings

  1. May you have the happiest of birthdays and the best year yet, celebrated with family and friends.

  2. Sending loving messages to you on this most fabourlous of days! May you receive a message today that reminds you why another birthday has come your way.

Birthday Messages

  1. May you feel the love of family and friends as you celebrate turning another year older and may they shower you with joyous laughter.

  2. Remember that song, "how old are you..." well I'm here to tell you age doesnt matter. It truely only matters how old you feel.

Birthday Songs

  1. Wishing you only the best on your birthday. Your friends will toast to you about how wonderful a friend you are.

  2. Finding a card that says exactly what I want to say is nearly impossible. There are no words to say to express my love for you. Happy Birthday Babe!

Birthday Cards

  1. Our wish for you on this birthday is for you to find true happiness in whatever you are seeking.

  2. I tried to write you a poem, but all I could think of was roses are red poems so I thought I would just tell you in a simpler form that I hope you have a wonderful birthday.

Birthday Poems

  1. Hope the coming years will be the most perfect yet. If they are anything like the example you have just given us this past year, it will be a blast.

  2. You have always been the funny one, but I'm here to remind you, you are also the older one!

Funny Birthday Quotes

  1. You deserve so much on this birthday! I hope you are given everything that you deserve.

  2. I must say, the best toast I have ever hear was the one I heard on your birthday last year. May this year bring on even better toasts from family and friends.

Birthday Toasts

  1. Hope you get everything you could ever ask for this year for your birthday.

Birthday Quotes

  1. May this birthday make you the happiest you've been in years.

  2. We always like to pretend that getting older was a crule joke, but in reality it really isn't. Look at all the wonderful years we had together with many more to come! Happy Birthday!

Birthday Jokes


  1. Birthdays are a time of acceptance for ourselves.  We all need that at least once a year.

We hope you have found these birthday wishes helpful and informative. Feel free to take any of these and use them however you need them. And remember, you can't have to many birthday wishes. You never know when you'll need some, so come on back every time you realize that its time for another. We'll be here and we plan on adding new birthday wishes every now and then.