40 Happy Birthday My Love

Someone we love such as a significant other or very close friend is definitely someone who should be celebrated in the most wonderful of ways.  Allow us to help you by giving you some options and examples of words you can share in a birthday card or gift.


  1. How blessed am I to have found a love like ours.  A love that makes me want to shower you every day with love and gifts, not just on your birthday.

  2. A birthday to celebrate you just once a year is not enough if you ask me!

  3. You are the love of my life and I am so thankful to be here to celebrate your special day.

  4. When I look in the dictionary under love, I only find you. I can only hope your day is filled with everything you deserve.

  5. I'm Sorry if I don't say this enough, but I am thankful for everything you do for me every single day.

  6. I'm in love with the birthday girl.  How much luckier can a guy get?

  7. The wish you make tonight can't be as great as the wish that was granted to me on the night we met.

  8. Realizing how I get to spend your birthday with you tonight brought a smile to my face. I can only hope it brings a smile to yours as well.

  9. You are the brightest star in my galaxy, and on your birthday, you shine even brighter.

  10. A simple thought of you can make anyone smile.  You are special to so many people, including me!

  11. My love you are, my best friend you have always been, and today you will have a soiree that will celebrate all you are to everyone.

  12. Happy Birthday to the love of my life.  This occasion should be an everyday occurance!

  13. Another year, another milestone and another birthday kiss for my favourite people.

  14. You will get many gifts on this special day.  Thankfully I got my gift already, and it was you!

  15. To my sweetheart who I not only love but adore.  The happiest of birthday wishes comes from me to you.

  16. To my teacher of love who has taught me so much! A happy birthday with many more teachings to come.

  17. Life pushes and pulls but I know through it all our love will grow closer.  May this year of your life be filled with a sense of closeness and love.

  18. You are my everything and today my everything is celebrating another birthday. A wonderful birthday with everything included.

  19. In life, sometimes the only opportunity to share our love is on birthdays. Although I will continue to share my love with you every day we are together!

  20. On your birthday I hope all your dreams comes true.  Who better to have this happen to to someone who made all my dreams come true!

  21. A celebration for the love of my life. Wishing you a celebration to remember!

  22. Miracles are few and far between, thankfully we got ours when we met!  Now I hope on your birthday you get your birthday miracle.

  23. Many blessings on your birthday. God knows you have been a blessing to me and so many other people.

  24. A special birthday to a special person whos love never fades and neither will mine!

  25. You are my happily ever after. I can only hope on your birthday you get your happily ever after!

  26. Many years of happy birthdays from me to you, with a hope for many more to come.

  27. The day you were born was the luckiest day of my life! Now each day on your birthday I give thanks for such a blessing you are on my life.

  28. Someone as sweet as you does not need any cake for their birthday.  But I do hope you get your favourite cake at your party.

  29. A love like ours continues through heartaches and life difficulties and grows stronger during birthdays and anniversaries. May this birthday be the strongest one yet.

  30. The expression of love comes in may forms and the way we celebrate each others birthdays says a lot about the love we feel. I hope this birthday is completely transparent.

  31. A heavenly birthday for the one angel in my life.  I hope this celebration is fit for the angel of my dreams!

  32. XOXOXO and many more hugs and kisses on this momentous occasion. Wishing the love of my life many more wonderful years filled with XOXOXO's from me!

  33. Let the party begin and my love reflect of a wonderful year behind and an amazing year to come.

  34. The affection I feel for you cannot compare to the devotion you have shown me over the years.  I can only hope on this birthday, a piece of my appreciation shows through.

  35. I cherish only the most valuable of things in my life. The list is not very long, but you are at the top of it.  Happy b-day to the most valuable item in my life.

  36. On this birthday I will share you with many other well wishers, but I will be yearning for the time we get to get along and I can show you how much I truely love you.

  37. You have always been the best gift at my birthdays. I am hoping that I can return that favour and be everything you need me to be on this most joyous of days.

  38. A deep love like ours is hard to come by. Sending birthday wishes from a deep place in my heart.

  39. The day I fell in love with you was the best day of my life.  Each birthday that comes along is another day I get to remember how lucky you make me feel!

  40. I always find it funny that on your birthdays I feel like I am given a gift over and over again. Its your birthday, yet I am feeling like the lucky one!


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