What To Write In A Card


It is sometimes hard to know what to write in a card.  But we are here to help.  Of course saying happy birthday is an easy one but what else should you write.  Wishes, quotes, poems, etc are great things to write in a card.  If the recipient is someone close to you, you may have a nice memory you want to share.


For a Significant Other:

Telling your significant other how much you appreciate them and love them is the most crucial thing someone should write in their card.  You may find a nice love poem that will express exactly how you are feeling.  Or, if you are feeling daring, why not write your own!  Below is a beautiful love poem that you may want to write in your card:




All Paths Lead To You

All paths lead to you

Where e’er I stray,

You are the evening star

At the end of day.


All Paths lead to you

Hill-top or low,

You are the white birch

In the sun’s glow.


All paths lead to you

Where e’er I roam.

You are the lark-song

Calling me home!

Blanche Shoemaker Wagstaff




For a Child:

Children are pretty simple.  Most of them don’t even really read the card because they are so excited to open the gifts!  So make your message short and sweet.  Tell them what a great kid they are and how much you love them.



For a Parent:

Parents just want to feel appreciated and know that they are loved.  So tell them.  Let them know how much you love them and admire them.  Tell them how great a parent they were or how lucky you are to have them as parents. 



For a Friend:

What to write for a friend’s card may depend on a few things.  How close you are is a good place to start.  If this friend is more of an acquaintance than you will probably want to keep it short and sweet.  Something like, “Hope you have a great birthday.”  If it’s someone close, why not insert a poem like this one:





Oh, The Comfort-the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person,

Having neither to weigh thoughts,

Nor measure words-but pouring them

All right out-just as they are-

Chaff and grain together-

Certain that a faithful hand will

Take and sift them-

Keep what is worth keeping-

And with the breath of kindness

Blow the rest away.

Dinah Maria Mulock Craik




Whatever you decide to put in your card, the most important thing is that you are wishing them a great b-day.  For some, getting another year older can be tough and for others its exciting.  Whichever it happens to be, keep in mind how they may be feeling and use that as your inspiration of what you should write in their card.


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