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90 Day Fiancé: Does the TLC Show Really Hire Psychics for Couples?

Written by John Lee

The latest episodes of the popular TLC show, 90 Day Fiancé, have shown couples conferring with psychics via video calls. But are these psychics hired by the program or the participants?

The popular reality television network TLC, 90 day fiance, continues to surprise viewers with the stories of the couples who participate in the program, which shows the daily life of their relationship with a foreigner. But recent episodes have shown them consulting with psychics. Is this part of the program or the contestants?

During the episode Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? from 16 July 90, Angela Deem spoke to his clairvoyant, Tracey Wooltertonabout her husband Michael Ilesanmic. When she asked the psychic to know if her husband is really honest with her, she replied with something disturbing:

“Michael treats their relationship like a business.”

Angela asks herself and the cameras, “Is he trying to make it to the United States?”

This isn’t the only couple who’s seen psychic consultations because Stephanie DavidsonShe has also asked for advice and knows about her future after being separated from her boyfriend Ryan for a while due to the coronavirus pandemic.

His psychic Maria Shaw told Stephanie that Ryan is doing “devil’s work” and that she predicted that Ryan’s family pressures him to marry a younger woman and have children.

Now fans believe that these psychics in the show have been used before by the television network. TLC and the producer Sharp entertainment, leading us to believe that these stories were created by 90 day fiance to give more excitement to couples.

This would be a clear sign that these psychics have actually been hired by TLC or Sharp Entertainment to revive or bring to life outdated stories of some of the participants.

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