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Chicago Fire: Why was Matthew Casey’s wife the first to die in the drama?

Written by John Lee

The first season of Chicago Fire was full of setbacks for some characters, especially Matthew Casey who lost his wife Hallie Thomas in the final episodes. But why was it decided that she would die so soon?

While fans wait for the season 10 premiere of Chicago fire, some have evaluated what happened to Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer) and Sylvie Brett (Kara killer), prompting fans to ask about his first wife Dr. Hallie Thomas (Teri Reeves).

Recall that in the first season of Chicago Fire, it was revealed to us that Matthew Casey was engaged to Hallie Thomas for at least eight years, after which they broke up and then reconciled.

Hallie was a resident who worked at a clinic in Lakeshore, where Casey visited her for lunch. But one of those days, the Firehouse 51 team is called in to fight a fire at the clinic where she worked.

When Casey and Severide (Taylor Kinney) They search for survivors find Hallie in the locked safety cage used to store drugs, when they take her to the hospital she is pronounced dead.

However, a medical report reveals that she was murdered before the fire broke out, revealing that a man named Tim Campbell (James Zoccoli) beat her because she learned that the clinic was being used as a drug distribution center.

Although the producers of Chicago fire, gave no details or reasons for the departure of actress Teri Reeves, many fans believe that it was planned from the beginning of the series to give more emotional weight to the series and changes to the story of Matthew Casey.

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