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Dune unleashes massive monsters, battles and intrigue in the new trailer

Written by John Lee

The theatrical release Dune, originally intended last year, was delayed in pandemic times, but now the sci-fi event has begun September 16, 2021 finally within reach. Even if the launch is delayed to October 22 (as in the US), the wait will soon be over. Time to raise expectations further with a new bombastic trailer.

Dune wants to earn its reputation as a sci-fi event in the new trailer

Just a few days ago, the sci-fi epic rekindled the anticipation with brief new trailer insights into Dune by showing us the villain in all his glory and promising “extinction”. Now, almost a year after the first Dune trailer, the film delivers new compelling images:

Dune – Trailer 2 (German) HD


The Atreides family around young Paul (Timothée Chalamet) faces numerous challenges after moving from the planet Caladan to Dune (aka Arrakis): because the desert planet, inhabited by giant worms, is where the precious drug Spice is extracted. . for the rise and fall of entire houses.

In particular, the Harkonnen family, led by the Baron (Stellan Skarsgård), proves to be a terrible adversary on Dune, not just for the local Fremen. Intrigue and intrigue soon turn into a life and death struggle. Only a prophesied Redeemer can emerge unscathed from a power struggle. (Yes, unraveling Dune’s plot is challenging, but no sci-fi fan should shy away from it.)

The Dune Insights promise a political sci-fi highlight with depth depth diep

They are also very impressive and meaningful 14 new character postersthat Dune published this week on the main Dune characters we’ve already explained:

With so many parties in the sci-fi epic, each pursuing their own interests and belonging to different religious, economic, and political associations, no Dune connoisseur should be surprised that clashes are taking place. But witnessing these clashes will hopefully be a celebration if the movie delivers on what the trailer promises.

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Did the sci-fi photos from the second Dune trailer cast a spell on you?

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