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Foreigner | Jamie could cheat on Claire in season six | Spoiler

Written by John Lee

On May 11, Netflix premiered the fifth season of Foreigner which came after a year with no news about the series. Although, if this were not enough, the production also announced, just 18 days ago that the shooting of the new edition ended and that the next chapters will be released in 2022 with a first episode of 90 minutes, as on this occasion the comic will have only eight deliveries.

But aside from the sadness caused by the fact that there will be a shorter season, after a short break for the actors, Foreigner will focus on the seventh edition, which was revamped by Starz Play. Although, in what is expected at both beginnings, the followers of the series have already begun to form some theories about what will come next and to deduce which stories will be included in Diana Gabaldón’s books.

Diana Gabaldón, the original writer of Foreigner released eight books about the love story between Claire and Jamie Fraser and the ninth will be released on November 23. For this reason, the scriptwriters of the drama captured on the small screen have a lot of material to explore and those who read the volumes can already imagine what could happen in the comic.

And one of the things that the faithful of history notice is that: Jamie (Sam Heughan) could be cheating on Claire (Caitriona Balfe) with Malva (Jessica Reynolds), one of the new women who will be coming to Fraser’s Ridge with her family. According to what many appreciate, after the tragic end of Balfe’s character in the fifth edition, his recovery process could be tedious for Heughan’s character and therefore he would have been tempted.

However, another group of fans assures that this part of the story will not be included in the series, as it would completely change the relationship between the two protagonists. During the first editions, both Jamie and Claire showed a healthy, deep and loving bond that, if broken, could take a totally unexpected turn and in fact spell disaster for the success of Foreigner: is that the chemistry between them seems unwavering.

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