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Jennifer Aniston confessed to Marley her LOVE for Brad Pitt | Spoiler

Written by John Lee

Like 17 years ago and now, on their return, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were among the most beloved couples in Hollywood, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt also had their exclusive roles. It is that, the actors, had a relationship of about ten years, five of which were married. However, their love came to an end and broke the hearts of many fans.

But after the heartbreak came friendship and now both Jennifer Aniston like Pitt, they declare themselves great friends. Although many started to imagine after his divorce from Angelina Jolie that the interpreters could give their relationship another chance, it was not so, but their good bond is still unbroken.

Although this does not mean that there was no intense passion and love between them which was in fact confirmed in a recent interview. While not a current conversation, it does reveal everything Aniston felt for the Hollywood heartthrob and it should be noted that it was an Argentine driver who leaked this information on his Instagram account.

It’s about Alejandro Wiebe, better known as Marley in Argentina, who was in charge of remembering Jennifer’s statements in the 90s when she just started her relationship with Brad. And one of the first things the Hollywood star reacted to was how she met her then-partner:I never lost my dog ​​but the other one is true‘ he said with a laugh.

Those words refer to the fact that when their relationship began, it was speculated that Pitt was victorious Jennifer Aniston after he found his lost dog and part of “the other is trueRefers to seeing each other at a party and when she ran away to Dallas to shoot a new movie, the actor followed her and stayed in her suite. So much so that, after this clarification, he assured: “what i like is his sense of humor, his honesty and that he is good and funny”.

Anyway, Marley did not hesitate to ask him about the beauty of Brad Pitt and how he dealt with it, because in the 90s (when the interview was done), it was one of the characteristic features of the actor. “Brad is very cute, that’s not the most important thing, but I’m not crazy either. It’s very cute“, He confirmed and then concluded:”I think about getting married all the time, that’s what we’re here for”.


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