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MacGyver: Was the series canceled due to actor Lucas Till’s suicide attempt?

Written by John Lee

Many fans of MacGyver were impressed by the news on CBS that the show had been cancelled. However, some fans say it was due to the suicide attempt revealed by lead actor Lucas Till.

The popular show MacGyver preparing for the start of season 6 production was eventually canceled by the television network CBS unexpected. But many fans claim the cancellation was due to comments from Lucas Tillo by revealing his suicide attempt by the series producer.

Recall that the CBS television network announced the producer’s resignation Peter Lenkov in 2020 for various complaints from actors and production members who worked with him on popular series such as Hawaii five-0, MacGyver Y Magnum PI.

A few weeks after the producer’s resignation was announced, MacGyver lead actor Lucas Till revealed in an interview with Vanity Fair that he was relieved and reassured by the CBS news.

Lucas Till, stated that while Peter Lenkov is not on the sets, he is responsible for the hostile work environment that has been created. But this was not the impressive thing during his interview, until he revealed something incredible that happened to him a while ago for the series.

“I think hard work is fine, but I’ve never worked so hard in my life. The way Lenkov treats his teammates is unacceptable.”

“I attempted suicide in the first year of the program, because of the way he made me feel, but the treatment of the colleagues around me is much worse.”

In fact, he also said that he sent some letters to the program’s human resources chiefs about what had happened, but they never immediately responded to his complaints, they did so too late, the actor assured.

Despite the actor’s statements, the CBS television network never commented on it or expressed its opinion, just a year later, when the MacGyver series was due to end its season 5, it was decided to cancel it.

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