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Magnum PI: Series Production, Release Date & What to Expect From Season 4

Written by John Lee

CBS’ crime drama Magnum PI returns in the fall, as filming just started this week. As evidence, a video was released showing the usual blessing ceremony.

Released in 2018, the crime drama Magnum PI American chain drive CBS, has aired its third season until the end of May this year and the team and cast are back in action.

Fans of Magnum PI get some good news, and it’s that production work for Season 4 has just started in America’s 50th state, Hawaii.

As the video released this week shows, filming for the fourth season of the original CBS series Magnum PI began with a traditional Hawaiian blessing in the town of Kahala, Oahu.

Importantly, that traditional Hawaiian blessing is performed at the beginning of each season in honor of the host nation’s Hawaiian culture. In accordance with general security protocols for filming the series, the ceremony took place on Tuesday, July 20.

Shooting Begins For Magnum PI Season 4 With Traditional Ceremony

According to the CBS premiere schedule revealed two weeks ago, Magnum PI Season 4 will launch worldwide on Friday, October 1, via the US network.

Fans of the CBS drama wonder if the producers will focus more on the relationship between Magnum and Higgins in Season 4. It’s pretty obvious that Thomas has a thing for Higgins, but it makes a difference whether he likes them or she’s really alive. It remains only to wait for the next episodes to know what will happen.

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