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Sandra Oh: Netflix Releases First Full Trailer For New Comedy Series, The Chair

Written by John Lee

Sandra Oh, known for playing Cristina Yang in Grey’s Anatomy, returns to the screens as chair of the English department at the prestigious university in Netflix’s new sitcom The Chair.

For ten seasons Sandra Oh played the iconic Cristina Yang in the broadcaster’s medical drama ABC, Grey’s Anatomy; when she was seen in kill eve as Eva Polastrii; And now the star returns to the screens with a new series of Netflix.

Sandra Oh returns to television through the Netflix streaming platform with the series The Chair, and starring as Ji-Yoon Kim, as she navigates her new role as Chair of the English Department at the prestigious University of Pembroke.

In The Chair, Ji-Yoon faces a unique set of challenges as the first woman to chair the English Department and one of the university’s few employees of color.

Older employees fear change, while new blood, such as Professor Yasmin McKay (Nana Mensah), it claims. Ji-Yoon tries to balance her newfound administrative responsibilities, clashes with close colleagues who were confidants before she became boss, with the motherhood of her daughter Ju Ju (Everly Carginilla) and the care of his father Habi (Ji Yong Lee).

At the same time, Oh’s character in The Chair struggles to discern whether her platonic relationship with beloved English teacher Bill Dobson (jay duplass) becomes something else.

Trailer of The Chair, the new Netflix comedy with Sandra Oh

When Bill is caught on video making a controversial gesture, the student erupts in a cry for responsibility, and Ji-Yoon’s journey grows even wilder as work, romance, drama and drama grow. comedy clash in this multi-faceted story and also starring Holland. Taylor, Bob Balaban Y David morse.

Netflix just released the first full trailer for the comedy The Chair, which premieres on the streamer on Friday, August 20 20 with a total of six episodes that are sure to be fun.

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