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The Flash Season 8: Showrunner Reveals New Episode Won’t Be Easy For Barry

Written by John Lee

The emotional finale of the seventh season of The Flash aired on The CW on July 20, and fans are excited that the series has been renewed. However, showrunner Eric Wallace has provided some hints as to what fans can expect in season eight.

After the two-part finale of the seventh season of The flash, showrunner Eric Wallace revealed that Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) he has yet to face his worst enemy in the coming season.

In season seven, Barry took on August Heart, aka Godspeed (Karan Oberoi), a 2049 criminal speedster. He begins creating dozens of brainwashed versions of himself and sends them back in time to torture Team Flash.

The clones split into two groups, one group wanted to kill August and the other group turned evil and tried to steal Barry’s speed; Now showrunner Eric has the future of The flashas well as Barry’s new big enemy for season eight.

Eric Wallace said he hopes Barry and Iris are happier than ever in season eight; promised viewers that the mystery surrounding Iris (Candice Patton) would be solved next season.

“That’s a problem that has yet to be solved, and you’ll never imagine where it’s going.”

Fans will also have a five-part “special event” to look forward to with The CW’s other superhero shows. Eric Wallace was hesitant to call it a crossover though, as it won’t be the same as usual.

He also revealed information about the villains for the eighth season, stating that the comics will be a huge influence for the upcoming season. The showrunner promises that some familiar faces will return, including those from the early seasons of The flash.

“For our new villains, one of them in particular will be the greatest and most powerful villain the Flash has ever faced, and that’s saying something!”

“We will meet this unique villain early in season eight.”

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