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The Walking Dead: Showrunner has revealed details of the first episode of Season 11

Written by John Lee

Fans will continue to receive updates on The Walking Dead season 11. The showrunner offered a preview of the final episode premiere, which will be action-packed.

From Sunday 22 August, fans of The living Dead through the transmission chain on their screens AMC, the premiere of the first eight episodes of a total of 24 that will receive Season 11, which concludes the series, which will be divided into three parts.

The beginning of the end is near and as fans await the arrival of the next episodes of The Walking Dead which will also be released on Sunday, August 15 for subscribers of AMC +, the showrunner just gave a sneak peek at the premiere.

The Walking Dead showrunner Angela Kang revealed this week that the stories for season 11 of the zombie drama will be big in every way. This is what he commented for the San Diego Comic Con panel:

“We’ve got a lot of big, emotional, action-packed stories. We’ve got a great sense of space again for this final season. We’re playing with things that are more fun, but also things that are really scary, for those hardcore horror fans. So it’s already those things that we love about doing the show that hopefully fans will enjoy too.”

According to Kang, the first episode of the final season of the AMC drama will feature the newly returned mother, Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), who tries his best to improve, tries to get more food on Alexandria’s tables through the underground sewers near Washington DC.

Likewise, The Walking Dead showrunner also revealed that both characters will face some key plot dilemmas during their journey, in the first episodes of Season 11. This Kang shared:

“We definitely came up with a much more ambitious action sequence. It’s a very fun and action-packed first episode.”

Recall that according to the plot of the final season of The Walking Dead, most of them deal with the effects of the Whisperers’ War, which destroyed their home and left them fighting for supplies in the harsh conditions of the post-apocalyptic world. Others are trapped by that hideously organized group of white-armored soldiers.

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