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Virgin River Season 3: How Mel’s Ex-Husband Mark Monroe Died

Written by John Lee

Virgin River Season 3 is finally on Netflix and Mel Monroe’s husband Mark has appeared prominently in more flashbacks, leaving fans with a question: How did Mark Monroe die?

The last season of Virgin River including flashbacks of ‘s late husband Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge) called Mark Monroe (Daniel Gillies), who died before the events of the series and fans are wondering how this character could have passed away.

Fans of Virgin River They will know that Mel has a history of traumatic relationships, following the tragic death of her first husband. In the drama’s first season, viewers found out about how Mark Monroe died after an argument he had with Mel.

The couple had suffered a terrible loss when Mel’s first pregnancy went wrong and she lost her baby. The heartbreaking event marked the couple and began to affect their relationship as they argued about trying to have another baby.

They started arguing while in the car and it ended with tragic consequences. Because the couple became distracted during the conversation, they did not notice an approaching car.

Mark was rushed to hospital after the accident, but unfortunately died after attempts to save him. After his death, Mel moved to the small town to start a new life and escape the events of his past.

Fans were grateful to see more of Mark’s story in the third episode of the Virgin River, because his death happened before the first season and they were eager to learn more about him and the time he could spend with Mel before his death.

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