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Virgin River Season 4: The Reason Brady Wasn’t The One To Shoot Jack

Written by John Lee

Virgin River fans are still looking for the answer about the person who shot Jack at the end of season two and wasn’t fully answered in part three. But many theories continue to point to it being Brady. Is it true?

Despite the premiere of the third season of Virgin River, the question at the end of the second part, when Jack (Martin Henderson) entered a bar and was shot by a stranger, seriously injured. But why is everyone suspicious of Brady (Benjamin Hollingsworth)?

During the Season Three Season Finale Virgin River, the gun that shot at Jack was found in Brady’s car, but he insisted he didn’t. Army buddies became more enemies than friends fighting the night of the shooting, but Brady said he left after they argued.

Based on the discussions Brady and Calvin had (David Cubitt) about drugs that Jack interfered with, leaving him with a huge debt and irritating the issuers, he told him the following:

“My suppliers somehow get their money back. If I can’t give it to them, well, they’ll come get you. I mean, if you’re not in jail,” Calvin said.

Apparently it was Calvin who placed the gun in Brady’s car, knowing he had no alibi for the night of the shooting and he knew he would be arrested sooner or later.

But during an interview with Jack’s actor, Martin Henderson, he talked about his character and Brady’s connection, as well as what could happen in Virgin River Season 4:

“I hope at some point there is room for healing around the Brady-Jack relationship,”

“There is a brotherly love there and I think the kind of bond that can only exist between people who were together in war zones. It’s such an intense situation and that sense of belonging [y] loyalty runs very, very deep. It would be nice maybe to see some of that heal.”

So much for the platform Netflix has not been updated Virgin River for its season 4, but the production company Sue Tenney remains upbeat and done with the story towards the end of the popular drama.

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