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Virgin River: Why did Lynda Boyd quit the drama as Lilly in Season 3?

Written by John Lee

Fans of the romantic drama Virgin River saw one of the characters come out with season 3. Hope’s best friend Lilly, played by Lynda Boyd from the show’s first season, died in one of the final episodes. But why did Lynda Boyd leave Virgin River?

Virgin River, the romantic drama whose second season premiered last November, returned to fans on July 9 with all ten episodes of the second part and an emotional rollercoaster ride.

Virgin River season 3 brought some heartbreaking moments. One was the death of Lilly, the character played by gespeeld Lynda Boyd, as Hope’s best friend on the show.

Recall that Lilly died in one of the final episodes of season 3 of the Netflix romance drama. His death was announced in the synopsis of the third episode before the premiere. However, fans never thought it was Boyd’s character, so they were heartbroken.

Virgin River had an unexpected plot twist that fans hadn’t expected. Hope’s best friend, Lilly, was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer, sealing her death from the get-go.

The star has played Lilly on Virgin River since the series first appeared on Netflix on December 6, 2019. With the departure of Lynda Boyd at the end of the third episode, many fans are wondering why the actress left the romantic drama.

But why did Lynda Boyd leave Virgin River as Lilly? Fans are eager to know why the actress left the series, and it appears her character’s death was a decision by the Virgin River director.

In that vein, Lynda Boyd spoke during an interview about how she found out her character was leaving Virgin River, telling British media Radio Times the following:

“I got a call from the producers. A conference call and they said, ‘We’re really excited about your story for season three, you get cancer and die. It ended up being really good writing.”

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